Meet the team

Our staff are like family to us’, says Craig. ‘We have been most fortunate to have met so many fantastic people over the past 30 odd years. Even clients have become close friends.’

The company’s first staff member was Tania, employed in mid-1982.  She was employed for 4 hours per night at $4.60 per hour, slightly above rates at that time. Several other staff were employed that year.  Friday nights at UEB became the cleaners party night and all the staff would meet in the UEB cafeteria and share cake and coffee.

A young lady named Jacque Lemon joined the company in December 1983. What started as a part-time job for Jacque grew into a full time position. Her surname has changed after she married one of the other staff and moved to Australia, returning years later to New Zealand with her family, and to Cleanaway, where she has stayed until her tragic and untimely death in 2010.

Another outstanding staff member is Vivienna – a lovely Tongan woman who remains “on the books” today. ‘Vivi’ started in February 1985. She is now retired but still calls in regularly for a chat.

Stories of long-standing staff members abound! A student called Simon who looked after the gardens and carparks at UEB, often found himself on a vacuum after he had completed his duties.  Years later he took over as our first Operations Managers at Cleanaway.

These are just a few of our "family":

Jacque Ana 1 Fou & Felise (casual)
Jacque Ana Fou and Felise
David 1 Lupe Mele
David Lupe Mele

Work with Us

“The long-term is the only way we view people. When we work together, anything is possible.”

Craig Johnson


About Us

Cleanaway is a privately owned and operated company.  30 years on from contracting our first client with a $2 window cleaning job, very little has changed.  Cleanaway is still doing what we know best — making places nice to be in. 

We’re passionate about our people — our clients and staff alike — because we can’t do without either. Read more about us.


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