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We enjoy adding new customers to our business.

Are our prices cheap?  No. Cleanaway is competitive, but that doesn’t mean we’ll always be the cheapest. 

We prefer clients who view their cleaning as an investment in their brand and are prepared to pay a reasonable price.     

So we don’t secure work by cutting corners in order to submit the lowest possible price.   There are two good reasons why:

1. We care about supplying a quality cleaning service first.  The costs (mostly time) required to achieve our quality standards are applied to our quotations.  We want our reputation to be based on the standard of our work rather than the cheapness of our prices.

2. We care about our staff.  We estimate the actual time required for a good quality cleaning work to be done, rather than putting unrealistic expectations on our people.  The common practice of expecting them to complete jobs in their own time (i.e. after the ‘time allowance’ runs out) is NOT for us. 

We like to be transparent.  We’re more than happy to declare our time allowances and rates to our clients at any time.  We feel they deserve to know what they’re getting for their investment.

Quotes are based on the information we have been given. Under current NZ law cleaning staff are considered “vulnerable employees” and have protection of their employment should their existing employer lose or change the arrangement. Staff affected by any change have a legal right to choose to transfer to the incoming contractor/employer. They retain all existing terms & conditions. If these terms & conditions are not known prior to submitting the quotation the price may need adjusting.

If you’re genuinely interested in a quality cleaning provider who is reliable, trustworthy and transparent, call or contact us today.

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“The long-term is the only way we view people. When we work together, anything is possible.”

Craig Johnson


About Us

Cleanaway is a privately owned and operated company.  30 years on from contracting our first client with a $2 window cleaning job, very little has changed.  Cleanaway is still doing what we know best — making places nice to be in. 

We’re passionate about our people — our clients and staff alike — because we can’t do without either. Read more about us.


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