Terms of Trade


Acceptance of a quotation from our Company implies acceptance of these General Conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

PRICE STRUCTURE The quotation price is complete & covers all direct labour cost, sick pay, annual leave, accident compensation, public risk, insurance, supervision and all cleaning materials and equipment to effectively perform the stated duties.
VARIATIONS The contract is subject to rise & fall by reason of the variation in rates payable due to any award, judgement, determination order or rule of court, or statutory tribunal or authority.
HOLIDAYS Unless specifically mentioned in the maintenance specification the frequency of service will exclude statutory, public or annual holidays. Where such holidays occur these are payable and included in the price quoted.
TERMINATION OF CONTRACT The contract may be terminated by either party giving one month’s (four weeks) notice of intent in writing. The Employment Relations Act was modified in 2006 and staff now have protection of their jobs in the case of a cancelled agreement or a change of ownership. Check the ERA Part 6A for clarification of the obligations this involves.
MATERIALS All material & equipment necessary to perform the service will be provided by ourselves with the exception of rubbish bags, bin liners, toilet rolls, hand towels and soap. These items to be purchased by the client or alternatively, we can supply them on a user pays basis.
PERSONNEL We respect the client’s right to reject any of our employees without reason & on receipt of such rejection we agree to remove that employee from the premises forthwith.
PAYMENTS Accounts for work completed will be submitted monthly & are payable on or before 20th of month following receipt of invoice. As our quotation price has a large labour content & our staff are paid weekly we seek your co-operation with this matter.
HEALTH & SAFETY The quoted price is based on the information given during on site or other communications in regard to Health & Safety issues. Any hazards particular to this site should have been highlighted prior to giving this price. Any safety equipment (PPE) that is required needs to be added to our quoted price unless agreed otherwise.

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“The long-term is the only way we view people. When we work together, anything is possible.”

Craig Johnson


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Cleanaway is a privately owned and operated company.  30 years on from contracting our first client with a $2 window cleaning job, very little has changed.  Cleanaway is still doing what we know best — making places nice to be in. 

We’re passionate about our people — our clients and staff alike — because we can’t do without either. Read more about us.


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