Contract, Casual or Periodic Cleaning?

Contract cleaning is referred to when we are delivering a service on a regular frequency. This could be daily, weekly or 3 monthly. The frequency is not important – it is the agreed regular service levels and costs that we refer to as being a ‘contract’ client or job. We do have some larger clients that require an actual “contract”. These usually give a fixed term for the cleaning company and normally a fixed price where possible.

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We are not great fans of having fixed contracts with our clients. We want clients – not prisoners!! Contracts can be difficult to terminate and as far as we are concerned you should be free to place your work where you want to. There are currently laws in place in the Employment Relations Act (ERA) that relate to an obligation we both have if termination is required. Basically, the law provides for all the cleaning staff employed on the site where termination is executed to be re-employed by the incoming contractor. The same law applies if the client was to decide to go ‘in house’ and do the cleaning themselves.

Casual cleaning is referred to as “one off” cleaning. This could be a special request for a spring clean, carpet clean, waste removal, etc. It is not something that is part of the normal specified duties. It is not something that gets done on a regular basis. Normally, the client would discuss their requirements with us. We would then offer any advice that may be required. A quote is sometimes required and then once this is all agreed we book the job in for a certain time and date.

Periodic cleaning is what it says. This is work like window cleaning, phone or electronic equipment cleaning, cleaning out refrigerators, freezers, ovens, etc. It is work that needs to be done on a regular basis but is kept off the specification for the contract cleaning. It is normally charged separately and we believe it is best not included in the contract price.

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