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There has been much debate for some time about the best system for cleaning or shampooing carpets i.e. either wet or dry clean.  We have almost 30 years experience and have used both systems. Whilst the dry system is very effective if you need your carpets dry immediately, it is our observation that the steam (hot water) extraction method is the best way to thoroughly clean carpets. The latest machines with a skilled operator will leave your carpets damp for only a few hours or less. With a warm sunny day and some air flow we can have your carpets dry as we leave.

We do not advocate over-cleaning carpets, since it shortens their life.  However, certain situations (e.g. hotels, restaurants) are going to need more regular shampooing.  We treat carpets like a new woollen garment. You can wear the garment for a few outings before it’s time it went into the washing system.  Once the natural oils are washed out, they will lose their resilience and require more frequent washing. Therefore, we suggest you delay any carpet cleaning as long as recommended. The best person to tell you when this needs doing is the person who vacuums the carpet regularly.

Many clients want carpet stains included in the services specification.  However, cleaners that provide your general cleaning service are not all trained professional carpet cleaners.  It is a highly specialised task.  We recommend all staining, spillages, etc be reported to our office. If we can’t get there that day we will ask either you or our general staff to ‘flush’ the stain with water. This will ‘hold’ the material until a specialist cleaner can attend.

There are now new textiles available with specific cleaning instructions.  Fully trained professional cleaners keep current with these developments.

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