Floor PolishingGive Your Floors That 'WOW' factor

Polish can really enhance the look of the floor, giving it a wet glossy look.  But a build-up of old polish and worn-in dirt on lino or vinyl flooring can look terrible!

Intermittent floor sealing is essential to retain a ‘cared for’ look to your overall business environment.  It makes washing and mopping a lot easier too without ‘grabbing’ mops.  New floors should also be sealed and polished. 

Machines can’t go into every nook and cranny so stripping can be a labour intensive and slow process. However, once completely stripped the floor is neutralised and left to dry thoroughly before being machine buffed and applied with sealer and polish.

Floor Before Floor after
A floor before our strip and seal service...... ....and after!!

‘Life expectancy’ will vary with the environment and the care/maintenance program, but will vary between 3 months and 2 or even 3 years.

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