VacuumingLittle and Often saves You Money

Thorough vacuuming extends the life of your floor coverings.  Grit deposited from shoes gradually breaks down the pile base resulting in a worn-down look.  This doesn’t create a very favourable impression!

We recommend daily ‘spot’ vacuuming. This involves vacuuming of any obvious material, soiling, etc before it gets walked into the carpet and a weekly ‘deep’ vacuum.  Special attention is paid to piping edges, behind doors and movable furniture and a slower action is used, giving the machine time to penetrate deep into the pile.

It is often the vacuum operator who starts to notice the carpets getting more challenging to clean — almost as if the carpet goes a bit ‘sticky’.  We find small bits of cotton or lint don’t vacuum off easily.  This is when we recommend you consider a deeper clean using steam or hot water extraction.

Note: We  recommend you  do not attend to any spillages or stains unless you have some training in carpet care.  Carpets are sometimes ruined by people using branded stain removers.  Generally using clean water to flush out certain spillages is helpful. To uplift this water and product we recommend using old bath towels. Fold them up into as many layers as possible, place on top of stain and stand on the towel. Then turn the towel over and repeat. Keep turning the towel so you are always presenting a clean, dry side to the damp carpet.  Never rub the towel over the stain or damp area as it damages the pile.

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