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Needless to say, these are one of the most important areas of any cleaning regime. Poor housekeeping here can lead to absenteeism through illness. However, using proven cleaning methods and with the cooperation of our clients in emphasising the importance of workplace hygiene (e.g. hand washing and correct disposal of waste), such problems are normally averted.

In most instances, it our responsibility to keep clean the exterior of any kitchen appliances i.e. refrigerator, micro-wave, oven. We also care for the interior of the microwaves, the inside of the fridge doors and the warming draw of ovens.

Most clients request a special ‘spring clean’ once a year to clean the appliance interiors and the interiors of cupboards, drawers, pantry, range hoods, walls, etc. Cupboard fronts are normally included in the regular service.

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Cleanaway is a privately owned and operated company.  30 years on from contracting our first client with a $2 window cleaning job, very little has changed.  Cleanaway is still doing what we know best — making places nice to be in. 

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