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This area of our business is currently a hot topic. The days of collecting desk side waste paper bins, kitchen waste, etc and throwing the whole lot into a co-mingle bin bound for our landfills are coming to an end – thank goodness. The costs associated with tip fees have increased 10 fold over the years. Waste costs have impacted all businesses.

Reducing waste costs is now a real possibility if the client and cleaning contractor can partnership the problem.

We both share in the creating and disposing of all waste. If the client can get their staff to ‘buy into’ the reduction and sorting of the waste they produce then substantial savings can be made. This should be kept as simple as possible so that we achieve “buy in”. About 85% of the waste we collect and remove from client sites is paper and cardboard. It is fairly simple to keep all paper and cardboard waste separate. In any kitchen/cafeteria areas it is relatively easy to put all plastic bottles, containers, etc into a special bin just for the plastics. A co-mingle bin can be used for other recyclables like cans, bottles (glass), polystyrene, etc. All we should be left with is what we call ‘wet’ waste which is leftover food, peelings, and non-recyclables.
It is amazing how much can and is being recycled these days. Batteries, paint, old electronic equipment, computers, electrical wiring ...... the list goes on. The savings come when you are sending your waste to an approved receiver instead of it all going to landfill. You will still pay for the rental and collection charges on any bins you may have but you will not be paying $140 per tonne for tip fees on top of that. The only thing you are sending to landfill is your ‘wet’ waste and there are new options in dealing with wet waste emerging which should mean zero to very little need for landfills in the future.

As a company we have embraced the recycling systems and will continue to monitor and improve what we offer our clients. In our own business we have nearly halved our waste costs with a bit of thought and taking the time to sort the waste into various components.

Some clients have a tidy up occasionally and we offer a service for a ‘one off’ collection of old files, furniture, etc. No matter what you need to dispose, apart from hazardous material, of we can offer a service to cater for it. We will endeavour to recycle as much as possible.

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